Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love good deals!

Since we are poor students now, our budget is constantly on my mind, and even though I want to buy clothes all the time it just doesn't really fit into the "plan." However, Spencer's birthday just passed and he has been needing some new jeans, so yay for me! I get to go shopping. Spencer never has time to shop so I will buy him stuff and return what doesn't work. It's kinda fun. Anyway, over the past couple weeks I bought 5 pairs of jeans, all pretty good deals, but none of them were anything amazing and all of them would have needed an inch taken off the bottom. Why don't they make a 31 inch inseam anyway? Today we ran by a local second-hand store so I could quickly check for a scout shirt (my new calling is asst. den leader, but again, we are poor so I don't want to buy a shirt new) which they didn't have but I had to go through the entire store to see that. What I did find was some incredible deals on jeans for Spencer! A pair of Citizens of Humanity for $9.99 and a pair of True Religions for $19.99. AMAZING! And they fit great. Way better than any of the others I had gotten. Now I'm off to do some returns so I can put our money back into the bank where it belongs.