Friday, November 19, 2010

Console Table

I saw this table outside a resale shop on Monday and it caught my eye because we have really been wanting something like this for our entryway. I jumped out and quickly inspected it but since my car was full of a few other pieces of furniture I had found on craigslist and I was in a rush to meet a friend, I decided to pass on it. I spent a good bit of time on Tuesday thinking about it and its potential so after school I loaded up the kids and went back to see if it was still there. Obviously, and lucky for me, it was. Upon further inspection, I have come to the conclusion that this table is pretty much awesome and was precisely what we were wanting. And it was a steal since I found it second hand.

After some TLC, here's how it turned out:

I'm not very patient when it comes to these projects I take on, so the paint is not perfect. I gave it a distressed finish so it will do for a while, but I may revisit it at a later date to see if I can get the paint done a little better. But don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it and I'm counting my lucky stars that I found this diamond in the rough.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alayna update

This girl loves her mama. This is the face that greets me most times I talk to her. So cute!

A friend let us borrow her Bumbo seat and we are loving it! It's so fun to see her hanging out so big all by herself.

We have so many pictures of Alayna in her carseat and they are all so boring, but she's cute no matter what so I'll throw it in. We took this when we went miniature golfing recently. Maybe I'll get around to posting about that sometime too.
Talk about being big and sitting all by herself, here she is trying out a highchair at Ikea. I don't think she was super excited to be in there, but it made for a cute enough picture to share.
She recently had a bit of a cold so she was sleeping like this with her mouth wide open since she couldn't breathe through her nose. Very sad, but kinda cute too.
She is almost 4 months old and unlike her cousin who is just days older than her, she is not rolling at all. When she gets upset doing tummy time she just cries and cries into the floor instead of flipping onto her back like her brother and sister did. I am trying to appreciate her immobility instead of wondering when in the heck she's going to roll over! Anyway, she has been missing out on the blog love lately so I thought I should catch up on her. There you have it!

Honor Roll

We are so proud of Madeleine! She got all A's on her first report card so she made it on the Honor Roll. We let her pick out some sparkly shoes for her reward, which she is absolutley thrilled about, of course!

The school PTO put on a breakfast for all the Honor Roll students to celebrate their achievement. In addition to the breakfast, she got a coupon for a free pizza (I'm sure we'll be cashing in on that pretty soon!).
For good behavior that goes beyond normal expectations, students can earn Star tickets and the students who have earned a certain number of Star tickets (5 maybe?) each quarter get to be in the Hall of Fame. [sidenote: Spencer likened our first grader being inducted into her school's Hall of Fame to Pres. Obama being given the Nobel Prize. haha!] Parents were invited to come and watch as the Hall of Fame students took the Walk of Fame around the school to dance-y music. All the other students sat outside their classrooms to cheer the Hall of Famers as they went by. It was pretty cute.
Here she is holding the second tooth she lost last week. That's 8 teeth she's lost already! This girl is growing up way too fast!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

Madeleine chose the "Spanish Princess" costume this year. Her blonde hair might not totally go with it, but she loved it and looked super cute.

Ian as Batman. Very cool.

I'm not sure when Madeleine wrote this at school, but I thought I would throw it in with the Halloween post since she drew a picture of a graveyard. I love that the gravestones say R.W.P. instead of R.I.P. And I don't know who she feels ok for. I can't get enough of this first grade writing.
(In case you can't enlarge the pictures to read it, it says:
How I fele by: Madeleine
I fele bad for the peple who are dead.
I fele happy for the peple who are good.
I fele ok for the )

According to Ian

Our conversation this morning went like this:

Ian: "Someday we're going to move back to Arizona."

Me: "Oh, yeah? Well, I guess if Dad gets a job there we will. But he has a really good job here. Did you know that?"

Ian: "Yeah, we get to go to good gas stations."

Apparently to Ian, the best perk about Spencer's job is the discount we get on gas.