Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick Catch-up Post

Just so that an entire month doesn't go by without a new post, here are some random pictures of stuff going on around here. First, I am so in love with this table! I neglected to get a shot of it before I sanded it so you'll just have to imagine its boring, old, stained oak finish. Stay tuned for the after shots. I am really eager to move it into my breakfast nook but I want to give the finish plenty of time to cure before subjecting it to daily use by our kids.

Spencer took the kids to a Santa breakfast at Madeleine's school and miraculously captured this wonderful photo. How cute are these three?? I can hardly stand it! Of course there are times I take all three to the grocery store and reality hits. Cute isn't everything.
Yet another furniture project. I am absolutely DYING to get started on this one!! But alas, there are too many other pressing items in line ahead of this. Anyway, this is going to become our new media console. Stay tuned for the after pics. Hopefully soon!
Upon downloading our most recent pictures, it appears that this is the last one Ian took before he broke our camera. Again. Second time this year. What are we going to do with that kid?

This is one sweet baby! We all adore her so much! I hope she is not getting too spoiled. Believe it or not, she is "skinny" for her age. I still can't quite wrap my brain around how this chunky little thing isn't big enough, but at her four month doctor visit we found that she had only gained 6 ounces in the past 2 months. So, although her weight itself is in the 50th percentile, in conjuction with her height and age she is too skinny. So she's eating cereal now (and loving it!) and nursing a bit more frequently throughout the day. I kind of liked having 4 hours between feedings but doing it every three hours instead is not only helping her gain weight, but helping me lose weight. It's a win-win!
It turns out Madeleine's even more far-sighted than Ian. We got her new glasses today. She picked them out herself and I think she looks quite stylish! I am trying to figure out where this far-sightedness come from. Any family members have any ideas? They say that it's possible to grow out of it so we are hoping for that for both our kids.

I love this picture! This was at the end of the Warrior Dash I did the weekend before Thanksgiving with my friend, Nicole. It was similar to the Dirty 6 I did in 2009, but way, way better. It was so much fun! If it happens to be coming to your area, I highly recommend it!