Saturday, November 14, 2009

one more Halloween picture

We were in such a rush to get to the ward Halloween party that we didn't get a family picture with all of us in our costumes. Thankfully a friend at the party got this picture of me and the kids or we wouldn't have gotten any pics at all. I have decided that trick-or-treating is a very inefficient way to get loads of candy. No wonder people are doing it so much less. Our kids got so much candy from the different parties we went to. We went up and down our street for the true trick-or-treating experience but it was not necessary to get more candy. Give it another week and hopefully all the candy will be gone. Just in time to start overeating at Thanksgiving. Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here she is. Madeleine as Rapunzel. You may recall that this was her winning costume last year that she only wore to the gym and refused to put on again (see this post). Because it was such a great costume (in my humble opinion) and hardly anyone saw her in it (I didn't even get a picture of it for the blog), we agreed that she would wear it again this year. Some may say it's kind of rude to tell her what she would be instead of letting her choose, but thankfully she was really happy with her costume! In fact, she practically wore that braid in her hair for 3 days straight. And she's been begging me to put it in again. She wants to wear it all the time and tell people it's her real hair. I need to remind her that we shouldn't tell lies.

Carving Pumpkins

Last week for family home evening we carved pumpkins. Grandpa Paul and Ian worked hard on their ghost.
Madeleine and I carved a cat. We added some permanent marker to make it more striking in the light.
Spencer took a break from his studies to prove his carving abilities. We got the kit with all the patterns and there were so many cool ones so he just had to do one. He chose the pirate skull.
And here's the finished product. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Crazy Hair Day

The week of Halloween at Madeleine's school was full of fun activities. Each day had a theme and Crazy Hair Day was my favorite. Selfish, I know. If you have seen Madeleine you know she has amazing hair, and tons of it, so I knew we would be able to come up with something really awesome. This was the result:
Her's was easliy the craziest in her class, although I'm pretty sure it wasn't a competition. She wasn't actually all that happy about her crazy hair. Can you tell by her grumpy face in the pictures? Here's a video I happened to get since the camera was in video mode when I first got it out:

She was speaking quietly out of her frown, so in case you couldn't understand she was saying that she looked in the mirror and it doesn't look cool. Sorry, sweetie, but you are wrong. Your hair looked SO COOL!!