Saturday, November 14, 2009

one more Halloween picture

We were in such a rush to get to the ward Halloween party that we didn't get a family picture with all of us in our costumes. Thankfully a friend at the party got this picture of me and the kids or we wouldn't have gotten any pics at all. I have decided that trick-or-treating is a very inefficient way to get loads of candy. No wonder people are doing it so much less. Our kids got so much candy from the different parties we went to. We went up and down our street for the true trick-or-treating experience but it was not necessary to get more candy. Give it another week and hopefully all the candy will be gone. Just in time to start overeating at Thanksgiving. Can't wait!


Ryan and Melissa said...

Good! I still feel bad I didn't get a pic of you guys at the party. Hope you had fun last night!

Jan said...

Hey, I just found out you know Mike & Christina Sorensen. They are in our ward now in Boston. Small world!