Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Family Pictures

A friend from our ward is a fabulous photographer and she did such a great job on family pics for us a couple years ago, so we decided we needed to get some new ones by her before we move.

Her name is Aida Rodriguez and you can check out her site at

We just did our shoot last night and she already provided a preview slide show. Here's the link to it:

It was kind of crazy, but a lot of fun and I think she got a lot of really great shots!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A new post...finally!!

For all of you who have been saying to yourselves, "Geez, it's been a long time since Rachel posted anything. She better have a good excuse for letting her blog get so boring." I know there are loads of you who have been thinking just that. So here it is:These are the boxes I have packed so far. I know, it's not so many that it really should have kept me from blogging for so long, but it's my excuse anyway. The thing this picture doesn't show is all the stuff I have gone through and gotten rid of to get these few boxes packed. Today was an especially productive day, thanks to my sister Angela. She was such a huge help! I am hoping that every time her husband, Glenn, has to work in Van Nuys she'll come over and help more. She's so much more efficient than I am normally so she really helped me get in gear. Thanks, Ang! You're the best!! And she brought her little girl, Sarah, who played with the kids all day too. While we made messes trying to get organized, they demolished the rest of the house. That's pretty much how it goes, right?

Anyway, I am really looking forward to moving. For a lot of reasons, but at this point mostly just so it will be over with already! Anticpating the move is the worst.