Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Honor Roll

We are so proud of Madeleine! She got all A's on her first report card so she made it on the Honor Roll. We let her pick out some sparkly shoes for her reward, which she is absolutley thrilled about, of course!

The school PTO put on a breakfast for all the Honor Roll students to celebrate their achievement. In addition to the breakfast, she got a coupon for a free pizza (I'm sure we'll be cashing in on that pretty soon!).
For good behavior that goes beyond normal expectations, students can earn Star tickets and the students who have earned a certain number of Star tickets (5 maybe?) each quarter get to be in the Hall of Fame. [sidenote: Spencer likened our first grader being inducted into her school's Hall of Fame to Pres. Obama being given the Nobel Prize. haha!] Parents were invited to come and watch as the Hall of Fame students took the Walk of Fame around the school to dance-y music. All the other students sat outside their classrooms to cheer the Hall of Famers as they went by. It was pretty cute.
Here she is holding the second tooth she lost last week. That's 8 teeth she's lost already! This girl is growing up way too fast!


406 Olivia said...

She is such a little lady! And you know how I adore pretty girls with big brains!

Maggie said...

Holy moly that is one smart, beautiful & well-behaved little girl! I love the picture of her at the breakfast, I think she looks just like you Rach!

Julie and Carlos said...

She looks so old in that picture where she is painting! I want all these kids - mine including to stop growing!!!!