Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

Madeleine chose the "Spanish Princess" costume this year. Her blonde hair might not totally go with it, but she loved it and looked super cute.

Ian as Batman. Very cool.

I'm not sure when Madeleine wrote this at school, but I thought I would throw it in with the Halloween post since she drew a picture of a graveyard. I love that the gravestones say R.W.P. instead of R.I.P. And I don't know who she feels ok for. I can't get enough of this first grade writing.
(In case you can't enlarge the pictures to read it, it says:
How I fele by: Madeleine
I fele bad for the peple who are dead.
I fele happy for the peple who are good.
I fele ok for the )


PS You know who said...

I feel happy to have such super adorable grandkids who are so brilliant and talented. (Thanks for the Sunday concert Ian and Maddie.) I feel bad for people who don't have Madeleine, Ian and Alayna for their grandkids.
Love, Grandma

Maggie said...

That Spanish Princess costume is so cute! I just know that Lizzie will want to be one next year as soon as she sees the picture!
Ian as Batman (holding his secret identity in his hand?) is totally adorable!
I love looking at Jay's old school work from the last few years. I think I'm going to hold onto some so he can see it when he's grown.