Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alayna update

This girl loves her mama. This is the face that greets me most times I talk to her. So cute!

A friend let us borrow her Bumbo seat and we are loving it! It's so fun to see her hanging out so big all by herself.

We have so many pictures of Alayna in her carseat and they are all so boring, but she's cute no matter what so I'll throw it in. We took this when we went miniature golfing recently. Maybe I'll get around to posting about that sometime too.
Talk about being big and sitting all by herself, here she is trying out a highchair at Ikea. I don't think she was super excited to be in there, but it made for a cute enough picture to share.
She recently had a bit of a cold so she was sleeping like this with her mouth wide open since she couldn't breathe through her nose. Very sad, but kinda cute too.
She is almost 4 months old and unlike her cousin who is just days older than her, she is not rolling at all. When she gets upset doing tummy time she just cries and cries into the floor instead of flipping onto her back like her brother and sister did. I am trying to appreciate her immobility instead of wondering when in the heck she's going to roll over! Anyway, she has been missing out on the blog love lately so I thought I should catch up on her. There you have it!


Holly said...

oh my goodness! she is looking so cute--it's crazy how much hair your kids have even as babies! I agree, you should just be happy with her not rolling anywhere. Maren may be able to roll across the floor but she doesn't have very good aim so she ends up in very uncomfortable positions. Last night I had to set her down in my room to check on Noah (he woke up screaming) and when I came back her head was under my bed and she had fallen asleep. Anyway, can't wait to meet Alayna--she looks so fun and cuddly!

406 Olivia said...

Whoa, she is HUGE! And starting to look more like Ian I think. Do you agree? She is a doll. Can't wait to meet her!

vickie said...

I miss that little cutie. Give her hugs and kisses from her Gramma Vickie. Hugs and kisses to Maddie and Ian, too.
Love you all.

sosocalrands said...

It was fun to read your blog entry! My nieces and nephews are all so adorable!

Maggie said...

I am reliving Katy being little by reading this! Total deja vu!
She is so adorable & she still seems so tiny to me! I need to see her in real life!!!
Anyway, so much hugs & love for that little mama's girl!