Saturday, May 21, 2011

We have a 7 year old!

This little girl turned 7 last Friday and we had lots of fun celebrating! Do you love the hat from Grandma Sandi and Grandpa Paul?

It's such a pain to try to get pictures where you really want them in blogger, so I'll just pretend this is what I planned all along. Madeleine had 9 friends over for a red themed birthday party on Saturday.

They ate pizza, strawberries, swedish fish, hot tamales, twizzlers and red velvet cake mix cookies. And they adorned their crowns with adhesive red jewels. Several of them let me paint their fingernails red. I had an assortment of red beads for making bracelets, but the cording was too big for the beads so that activity didn't pan out. The girls just jumped on the trampoline and ran around the house screaming and had plenty of fun!

Something you may or may not know about Madeleine is that she absolutely lives for dressing in beautiful gowns! The fancier, the better. Does it go all the way to the floor? Perfect! That is just her thing. So she really wanted to have a fancy new dress for her birthday. Although the theme was red, we agreed that all the fancy red dresses were much too Christmas-y for a May birthday and we went with this white one with the red sash. Only her fear of getting it dirty has kept her from wearing it non-stop.

Finally, here she is next to her cake that matched her dress. This cake looked a lot prettier in my head than it turned out in reality. But it tasted delicious! And actually, Madeleine loved it and went on and on about how beautiful it was. Sounds like a success to me!

Happy 7th birthday, Madeleine! We love you so much and are so grateful for all you bring into our lives!!


Mark Stoecker said...

it sounds like she had the PERFECT birthday party! so beautiful & fun!
and good work on that cake! it may not have been what you envisioned but it looks like quite the undertaking & i think it looks great.
tell that beautiful Maddie that her AZ cousins miss her like crazy & they wish her so much fun & love this year.

Maggie said...

all of that was actually from me. i didn't even know mark HAD a blogger account! haha

gay said...

Maddie has turned into quite the big girl! Looks like a fun party! I was all excited the other day when i thought i had an email from you!!! dumb hackers right! miss ya!