Friday, June 3, 2011

Road Trip

Spencer had a training in Baton Rouge this week and since we didn't want him to get lonely :) we invited ourselves along. Getting crowns at Burger King on the way there was suprisingly fun.
The kids and I spent our days hanging out at the pool and in the hotel room. We agree that the pool is fun, but I don't share their excitement for the room itself. They were so thrilled to come in one day after the maid had been in and see that the beds were made. Easy to please, I tell ya! But back to the pool, Ian finally got the hang of swimming without his floaties while we were there. Happy day!

One evening after dinner (where the kids posed with the LSU tiger) we explored town a bit. After going to see the river and how high it is right now (really high!), we went over to the capitol building. The steps were begging to be climbed.

Madeleine is always looking for good photo opportunities and I am usually happy to oblige. It was a fun couple days and it got us really excited for summer break. Today is the first official day of it and Madeleine is celebrating by sleeping in past 9 o'clock. Isn't that the life?


ezachary said...

Fun adventure! Isn't it funny how much kids love hotel rooms? Todd and I joke that we should just stay at a hotel here in Oakdale instead of driving anywhere since that's the kids' favorite part anyway. :)

406 Olivia said...

Sleeping in during summer vacay IS the life...too bad my kids had to wake up at 6:15 to get ready for our yard sale on their first day of summer! At least they all have a fistful of cash monies to show for their hard work!

Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

Fun trip, YEA summer!

See you soon-

Ang 8)