Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas is coming.

Obviously. But it seems more real once all the parties and visits with Santa start happening. Our neighborhood grocery store was giving free pictures with Santa a few days ago, so we braved the crowds so the kids could meet the big man. Although, we tell them he's actually one of the real Santa's helpers because the real Santa is too busy up in the North Pole making his list and checking it twice. What do you tell your kids about all the Santas all over town?
This Santa was at our church Christmas brunch on Saturday, which we almost didn't make. Madeleine had a winter ballet recital at the same time as the ward party so of course we went to the dance recital. Well, I forgot my camera, but if I had brought it I would have gotten pictures of her on the stage with her class, not dancing. It was a rough morning. Our car had been broken into and tagged the night before and the one thing they managed to get away with was not the ipod or any Cd's, but Madeleine's ballet bag with her dance shoes inside. She was distraught and even though her teacher had shoes for her to wear, she didn't get over it enough to dance. If she decides to stay in ballet maybe we'll have better luck at the Spring recital. Anyway, luckily my dad was willing to chauffeur us around all day so the kids could sit on Santa's lap after the recital. Now I'm hoping they'll both be on their very best behavior so they can get actual presents instead of lumps of coal.


Laura said...

the picture w/ santa on all the cokes is pretty funny. i guess the pics are free but they get you with the advertising. hey, email me your address so I can send you a christmas card.

Vickie said...

So Rachel I leave your blog on my computer so I can listen to your playlist. Awesome Christmas Music!
You're family is beautiful. I love the family pic on the slide in the last post.

xcdenke said...

Oh, that is such a sad Christmas story. Poor you guys! I hope the rest of your holiday was much happier. Ho Ho Ho!

We're FarrSouth. . . said...

Bummer on the car, guys! Love all the pix and stories! Hugs all around-- Ang