Thursday, June 18, 2009

Madeleine is 5!!!

Just look at that face!!! This is my absolute favorite 5-year-old in the entire world!!

Here is our birthday girl in her very best dress (or very favorite anyway) on her big day. It wasn't the most exciting day since we spent a good portion of the day driving from San Antonio to Houston, but we did manage to squeeze in some fun. For breakfast, our hotel had delicious waffles in the shape of Texas. She still talks about those Texas-shaped waffles. When we made it to our new apartment and got keys, etc. the first thing she wanted to do was go swimming. We went for a little while to the pool at our building before going to an early dinner at Olive Garden, Madeleine's choice. Well, actually she said she wanted spaghetti for dinner and since we weren't prepared to cook at home we thought Olive Garden would be a good place to go. The kids both surprised us by totally chowing down on the salad. They don't eat salad like that at home, that's for sure. Then we shared some delectable desserts after the servers sang to her.

If this had been her only b-day celebration I might have felt bad, but this was the last in a string of celebrations she had had already to celebrate. Since we knew we weren't going to be able to have a party with her friends on her actual b-day (or very near it since we were leaving) we had a combined party with our friend Jack about a month before we left. All their school friends came and we all had so much fun!! I really shirked my duty though because I didn't take any pictures. Then, just before we moved we had a family party at Chuck E. Cheese complete with cousins, aunts and uncles, grandma and grandpa, a Tinkerbell cake and lots of presents. Again, no pictures. I am such a slacker.
Finally, at school they make it "your special day" when it's your birthday, so this was one more chance for us to celebrate this wonderful little girl. This is Madeleine's teacher, Barbie. We love her!! She is the best and we are so, so lucky Madeleine was in her class this year. She has taught her so much and really helped her prepare for kindergarten in the fall.

We love you so much Madeleine!! You bring us so much joy and happiness every day and we are so blessed to have you in our family! Happy birthday!!


Christy said...

Yay! I love the age of 5. And I think she is going to LOVE kindergarten. Happy Birthday!

Julie and Carlos said...

Happy birthday Madeleine! Being five is awesome!

English Garden said...

Yeah, 5!! are you ready for a kindergartener? I'm not. Is Madeline reading yet?

Jen said...

What a party animal she is! That's alot of celebrating, how fun!! I can't believe she's such a big beautiful girl. She was a wittle tiny baby just yesterday!

Maggie said...

I'm SOOO jealous of Texas shaped waffles! They sound yummy! Lizzie told me last night that she "was going to Texas to see Maddie & Ian. I'll miss you mom, but I'll come back after I see them". She really misses them! It'll be so nice for about a minute when you guys get back & they get to play together again!

richards4fun said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful picture that is of her. She is going to be very pretty like her mommy.

Carlie said...

ya our kids get so spoiled by all the bday celebrations dont they? coltin had his at school. he went to the baseball game last night with Bo and tomorrow he is having a family (and cose friends) party at chuck e cheese, and then on wed we are going to a splash park(invited everyone from school) and all neighborhood/ward friends. sheesh. so much moolah has been adn will be spent. ohg the things we do for our kids.
IM glad madeleine had a good birthday and even better that her and ian ate salad.
ok, did u like the novel i just wrote?

AJ, Marian, & Sadie said...

It's good to hear from you. How are things in TX? I have been visiting your blog looking for new updates but I guess your keeping it top secret. I love the picture of madeleine. she is a very pretty little girl. how is spencer doing with his job? i was hoping you would post pictures of the water park you guys went to on your way to your summer home. You guy will be back in AZ soon! Are you, spencer, and the kids going to Olivia's wedding?