Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick update

We got to Houston on May 2oth, (Madeleine's birthday which I will post about next) and I think I am sufficiently settled to give a brief update. I'm afraid if I don't do it now we will be headed back to Mesa before I do!

Anyway, we are thinking that Houston isn't so bad. Not that we thought it would be, just that it's not a dreamland, but it's not terrible either. We have come across some of the hugest cockroaches known to man (I'm guessing of course, but they were beastly), but other than that no major complaints. After living in Los Angeles I think we could handle most other big cities. We aren't turned off by traffic since we've seen worse. I'll tell you what about Texas. They know good food here!! If I'm not careful I'll be a couple sizes bigger by the time we get back to AZ from having to try out all the good restaurants.

Our apartment is nice and small, so it's easy to clean up quickly and since we didn't bring much with us there's not much to put away. We are living a simplified life, for sure.
Here are a few pictures from our adventures here thus far.

These two are at the Houston Arboretum. The kids love all the trees here! Everywhere we go they are pointing out "the woods" with great excitement.

The next two are from Space Center Houston last weekend with the Gannons, our friends from Mesa. They came through this way on their way to Alabama for the summer. We all loved hanging out with them for a couple days!

I know that our time here fly by, but we are planning to make the most of it while we are here.


English Garden said...

so where exactly did you see the roach? All I ever hear about texas is big bugs and I guess I just expect them to be running around the streets!

The Sorensens said...

WEll, I'm sitting here in your old apartment reading all about you guys. We just got here yesterday and get to move in today.

I can't believe you have already found the fun things to do. You're a great relocater, and your kids are lucky to have such an on-top-of-things mom!

xcdenke said...

Wow, I'm guessing Spencer is interning. I feel so out of the loop right now. I scrolled through the older entries and didn't see anything about WHY you moved to Houston. Care to divulge? Yes, I would agree with Miss Sorensen that you are an amazing mom who can go anywhere and do anything. What a fun adventure for you. We miss you guys. xoxo Denkes