Thursday, July 23, 2009

Best. Show. Ever.

Where to begin? Where to begin? Let it be known, to anyone who doesn't already know this about me, that I am a HUGE Coldplay fan. HUGE! I think when you go see a band you truly love, you are in for a great night, but I have not been to such an amazing concert in all my concert-going years! In the picture above, you can see the stage behind me. Our seats were not bad at all. We bought them on and we were pretty confident that they wouldn't be awful, but they ended up better than I imagined they would be. Scratch that. They turned out to be SPECTACULAR seats when the band came up and played on a small stage about 10 feet away from us.
See them in the background of this shot? SO close!!!
Here's Chris Martin getting ready to play a couple songs while the rest of the band took a quick breather. Just so you know how close he was to us, I got this picture on our crappy, point and shoot camera. The thing does not get good pictures, especially not at a distance. If only they had set the piano up facing us! Oh, and they had another small stage set up back on the lawn. They played a couple songs out there later in the show. That's real love for your fans when you get out there with them like that.

I'm going to take a moment to say how much I just LOVE British people. I love their accents and the way they speak. The phrasing they use just sounds so much smarter than the way we Americans speak. That's probably another reason why I love Coldplay like I do. Chris Martin had incredible stage presence. He's seemed so smart and funny and really engaged the crowd. When he came out for the encore, he was telling us that they had a CD available for everyone, "for the ludicrous price of zero dollars and zero cents." Funny and AMAZING! How cool is that to give everyone a free CD?!?! So cool.
It was such a great night! Big thanks to our friends in the ward who were willing to watch our kids till midnight. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thanks to Spencer for deciding that this would be a good way to celebrate my birthday a little early. Love you!


The Sorensens said...

Awesome! Good Music, good show, free CD? So cool! Happy birthday!

Jen said...

I'm so happy you got to get out together! Oh girl, would we have had fun in my Nashville days!! Isn't soooo wonderful to just scream your head off and let the music just....I don't know! I have no idea what I'm saying but I'm glad you got to see them. Hey, when's your b-day?

Maggie said...

That is an AWESOME way to celebrate your birthday! I'm so glad you guys had such a great time. I think I've told you this before but I LOVED Akon when I went to the Gwen Stefani concert with Stef because he interacted with the crowd, so much cooler then just performing. Anyway totally exciting for you guys! Happy early Birthday sis!

sosocalrands said...

We almost went to that concert, but Coral couldn't babysit that night. Anyway, it seems we are usually thinking a like at almost the same time. Mud run, ect. That is so cool that it was so great!

Melanie said...

What a great birthday present! I'm so glad it was a great show and not at all surprised that it was. Happy birthday!