Thursday, July 16, 2009

Roller Skating Adventure

And what an adventure it was! If you are like us, you would think it would be a really fun little outing to go to the skating rink next door and have a great time skating as a family. You would know that it would be a little tough and the kids would need help, but it would still be fun. Well, if that's what you thought, you would be mistaken, as we were.
Both Madeleine and Ian were really looking forward to going skating. We had peeked into the place last Saturday but didn't go until two-for-one night on Tuesday, so we had time to anticipate the excitement. Spencer showed them the skating babies video so they could see some skating in action. I think it made them think they would be professionals right off the bat.Anyway, skating is much harder than it looks, especially to Madeleine and Ian. Before we went, Madeleine was telling me about all the tricks she was planning to do on her skates. By the time we were ready to go home, she was yelling, "Skating IS NOT fun!!!" Ian hated it just as much but he was not as vocal as his sister.

We are still glad we tried it and we now know that these kids need a lot more practice on skates to get comfortable enough to think it's fun. Better luck next time!


Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

We went skating in NC a couple of years ago. Sarah spent almost all her time in the little kid area (a 4x4 square "pen") except when her dad took her out for a few turns around the rink. Matthew and Zachary took to it pretty well and Drew might've liked it better if it hadn't been Christian Music/ Family night. But they were all older (the boys were 11yo+), so you'll have to try it again (like around age 8 maybe). Sarah's asked for skates for her birthday, so we'll see if she likes them as well in paractice as she does now in theory! Love to Spencer and the kids!

Maggie said...

Jay's school does a fundraiser at the skating rink near us a few times during the school year & I've never been that tempted to take part in it for fear of EXACTLY what you described! Maybe we'll venture out this school year, Lizzie has decided she'd be a "great skater" after watching an episode of "Kai Lan" on Noggin!

English Garden said...

better luck next time! maddie looks so tall in that picture.

Nunes Family said...

What a fun idea. Better luck next time. Glad you guys are having fun.