Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, etc.

I really, really don't want anyone to see this picture. I hate to see my pregnant self captured in photographs. Of course I can't blame it on the photograph. I really am as huge as I look and it's extremely depressing since I still have more than 3 months to get even fatter before I get to have this sweet baby girl. But I am posting this and the next one to stand as a reminder of what being pregnant does to me. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't forget anyway, but just in case. The good thing about this picture is you can see that Spencer is as handsome as ever. He's not even gaining any sympathy weight. Don't worry. I'm putting on enough for both of us.

Good thing Madeleine and Ian are so cute! They really save this picture! This was at the park this weekend at the fabulous Easter party my sister-in-law threw. It was complete with an egg hunt and pinata and tons of other goodies and candy besides. My kids were a little late in getting in on the hunt so they each only found a couple eggs, but thankfully they have some really generous cousins who shared their bounty. We ended up with way more than enough!
I just have to give a shout out to my sister, Maggie. She has been working out so diligently to lose weight and she is doing so good! And looking so good! You can check out her blog here if you're interested. She's hardcore.Sweet Madeleine on Easter morning. Yep, same dress as the day before. It is this year's Easter dress so I couldn't really make her change. I probably couldn't have forced her to if I had tried. In fact, I'm pretty sure she slept in her new dress Saturday night. Maybe she was just wanting to wake up prepared.
Our little man after their Easter morning egg hunt. My mom was a great Easter bunny. That morning, she hid all the plastic eggs we had restuffed the night before and all the dyed eggs so these two got to go searching for over 50 eggs. It was a good re-do since the hunt the day before was a bit of a bust for them. Hope you all had a great Easter too!


Sowells said...

What are you talking about? YOu look great! No matter what - the babies are so worth it! But you do look great. I love the picture with the tree -so cute. Congratulations on your new home!!! Super exciting!

Jami said...

your retarded! You look great! Seriously.

Melanie said...

You know you really look fabulous, right?
I love that shirt by the way. Did I already tell you I don't think I can have another baby without your awesome maternity clothes?!
Oh and the kids are adorable of course! Love the Easter dress!

The Sorensens said...

What are you talking about, not wanting to post the picture. Seriously, you look fabulous. Barely pregnant, and not much left to go. Can't wait to see your sweet girl!! Can't wait for you to get settled!

xcdenke said...

You look AMAZING pregnant!! So adorable.