Friday, September 23, 2011

11 Years and counting....

Last Friday, Spencer and I celebrated our 11th anniversary.  Congrats to us!  We went out to a lovely dinner, lazily walked around the shops while we waited to go see The Help (which we really liked).  It was so nice to just hang out together.  Our lives have become so busy that it takes real effort to fit in time to just hang out and often all we get is a few minutes here and there.  So we greatly appreciated being able to spend a good hour and a half just talking, walking around, holding hands, enjoying each other's company.  Of course we usually enjoy each other's company, but most times we are enjoying it simultaneously with our kids' company, which you know is not the same.  And being out of the house meant we weren't multi-tasking, like watching tv together and folding laundry.

Lately I have been reflecting a lot on how truly fortunate I am to be married to Spencer.  As a 21 year-old bride, I was so in love and was so sure I had snagged the best possible husband.  Now as a 32 year-old veteran wife and mother, I am reminded daily of how right I was.  And I really had no clue back then.  I couldn't ask for a husband who works harder to provide for our family.  Or for a husband who is so concerned and interested in our children's lives, their progression and devleopment.  Or for a husband who readily sees past my many flaws.  I'm sure I should be better at showing my appreciation for all he does for me and our kids.  And I hope he feels equally blessed to have me as his wife.

P.S. Sorry to be so sappy.  Sometimes there's just no way around it.


PS You know who said...

What a beautiful tribute! We love and appreciate you - and those adorable, smart grandchildren you have provided us. Spencer chose well. We called to wish you two a happy anniversary but couldn't get through. So glad you had a nice evening together.

xcdenke said...

Congrats you guys!!