Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pre-K and Basketball

Here's Ian on his first day of pre-K.  He is going to a nearby Baptist church's pre-k program and so far he is really liking it.  His teacher is very nice and it sounds like he's already made friends with the kids in his class.  No surprise there.  Ian might be the friendliest kid there is.  His schedule is two days a week from 9:15-2:30, which I love.  I wouldn't have minded a bit if we got him into a program that was 3 days a week, but this one was the right for for us.  I will admit that I am jealous of the moms I know from back in California who all had babies around the same time I had Ian and they are starting their kids in kindergarten.  The birthday cut-off here for school is September 1 so his October birthday means he won't start kindergarten till next year.  And while a part of me wishes he was in school across the street already, I know that this year of pre-K is going to be a really good transition from preschool last year (2 days/week for 3 hours) to kindergarten next year (5 days/week for 7 hours).  One of his comments about school so far is that it's kind of long.  Yeah, good thing he's got a year to get used to it.

The other thing Ian gets to do right now is basketball.  He's in the tiny tots league at the YMCA and it's pretty awesome.  Most of the kids (Ian included) do not have any baskeball skills already so their "game" last weekend was quite a sight.  Aside from one kid on the other team who was a total baller, the kids hardly dribbled (very few can actually do it at all), they weren't making many shots even though the basket was only about 6 feet high, and more than once I saw kids stealing the ball from their own teammates.  Like I said, pretty awesome.  Anyway, Ian is excited to be in basketball.  He's a pretty good shot and he's interested in practicing dribbling so maybe he'll be the baller at one of his next games.


Julie and Carlos said...

If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn't put an October baby in even IF they made the cut off - I feel so bad for the 4 year olds going to full day kindergarten 5 days a week plus homework here. Gavin had half day which was perfect and by the time Taylor started it was full day and he could barely handle it, already being 5 for 3 months plus 2 years of pre-K. He cried everyday until March about how long it was and I almost pulled him out for home school. Now that he's 6, he is much better able to handle full day school and HW. The kids start way to early here in my opinion, and so many parents have complained that they passed a law that the cut off is going to change to Sept. 1 Each year starting this year they are going to move it up a month from the Nov. cut off for three years until it stays at Sept.
When I found out this baby was going to be early November I had already planned on waiting until she was 5 to start K, but by that time it will be standard. I tell you, those 4 and half year old babies trying to do full day K really struggle and a lot get held back. Better to start them when they are older and stronger!!

Christy said...

Pre-K is so great. I think it's a great way to get used to kindergarten. As much as I love (for myself) the longer kindergartens, it is hard on those little kids. And I totally laughed at your description of that age group of ballers. Awesome.

xcdenke said...

CA is FINALLY adapting to other states and making the cut-off Sept 1st by 2014. They are slowly adjusting to it. Next year the cut-off is Nov. 1st, the following year is Oct. 1st and so on.
Be grateful he's still in Pre-K. The boys have had a hard time since it is a big adjustment period. They're better now that a month has gone by, but I'm kinda wishing I would have put them into Pre-K instead. I am holding them back, don't worry, our boys will get to be Kindergarteners together anyway. :)