Sunday, July 29, 2007

That's right. I did a triathlon!

After hearing that I had run a 10k in March(the term "run" used very loosely), my friend Julie convinced me I would have no problem with a sprint triathlon. It was to be a 400 meter swim, 9 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run. Now, I have heard that it was actually a 12 mile ride (which I hope is true, then my time would be more impressive), but I haven't substantiated that.

Anyway, the swim nearly killed me. I am so thankful for all the progress I made in the pool, but it was hardly preparation for swimming in the ocean. One huge gulp of salty ocean water (almost as soon as I got in) made we want to choke and die. Thank heavens I didn't.

Then the bike ride. A two loop flat course. I would have preferred a hill or two for the variety and for the chance to rest my legs on the down hill. Big, big thanks to my friend, Jennica, for letting me borrow her superfast bike. Such a huge help! Oh yeah, how about that headwind?! It felt like even when I turned I was riding straight into the wind!

Now to my strongest point-the run. I was definitely beat so I couldn't run the whole time. I allowed myself to walk a minute here and a minute there so I could run stronger when I ran. I averaged about a 9 minute mile. Not bad for me. Especially after swimming and biking.
Spencer captured my big finish. The smile on my face is because I was thinking 'I am so glad this is over!'
My friends who are as crazy as me. L-R: Brooke McCoy, Claire Thompson, Julie Roberts, me, Christie Everitt. Completing the race feels great, but I have to say I really loved training for it! I am seriously thinking about the next event I want to compete in so I have something to work towards.


Paul said...

Good work, Rachel. And it was work. I know, I've done two Olympic distance Tri's (not Ironman, tho).

You look strong at the finish. What was your time?

What was the name/place of the Tri?

Yes, swimming in waves is not the same as in the pool. That you kept going shows a good attitude.

I love it that my grandkids' mommy is so tough, but I knew that already.


Dad Paul

lanana said...

Hi Rachel,
Congratulations on your amazing feat and to think you have that much energy after chasing after two small children all day.

Boss Lady said...

Great post. You did awesome Rachel. I'm glad someone mentioned the wind, it was bad. seriously, sounds good, I"ll do the next crazy thing with you! Brooke

The Sorensens said...

Rachel- your arms look way to strong when your running. I guess that's what you get after lugging 24 pounds around everywhere. Way to go hot mama! I'm totally proud of you for doing it and am glad your thinking of doing another! Love the medal-