Sunday, July 29, 2007

More on the Tri.

Madeleine looks plenty happy here, but this wasn't the look on her face the whole day. In fact, she was devastated each time they saw me go by. After I finished and they came up to me she was completely bawling! She told me later that she didn't cheer for me because she didn't want me to run away from her. Thanks a lot! Notice the Oreos in her hand and in her teeth. That might have also added to her high spirits in this picture.

Ian weighs a good 24 pounds now, so Spencer was shifting positions all morning. Where was the stroller?, you might ask. Well, he was not lucky enough to park on the military base where the event was, so he had to take a shuttle to where everything was happening. I guess it was pretty small so there wasn't room for our beastly double stroller. Oh yeah, and he had to wait a good 40 minutes to get on it. Kind of spoiled his good mood. That and having to carry Ian and having Madeleine's mood swings to deal with.

Hallelujah! Finally a chance to let Ian down! When we were all leaving Spencer was complaining about how much his back hurt from carrying Ian all morning. He knew he wasn't going to get any sympathy from those of us who just finished the race, but I guess he needed to get it off his chest.


Melanie said...

A triathalon?! Impressive. I feel pretty good about myself if I walk around the blocks a couple of times a sad.