Sunday, September 30, 2007

Los Angeles County Fair

The fair has been going on all month. We hadn't really been planning to go, but this past Friday we desperately needed to get out and do something, and the fair seemed to be the best of all our ideas. It turned out to be even better than we imagined. It was a bit of a drive out to the fairplex in Pomona, but that let Madeleine have a nap so she had lots of energy for all the activities.

Spencer took her on the "Euro-Slide" first. (She deliberately chose the pink lane.) They both loved it! It was so great that I had to take her on it next so I could experience the joy of it for myself! (Again in the pink lane.) A little later we found the kids' area and the slide she could go on all by herself. If you are able to click on that pic and zoom way in, you may be able to see the look of absolute terror on her face. She may be tall enough to do some rides herself, but still not really ready.

There were not a ton of rides she was able to do, but there were certainly enough. Including the roller coaster she and I did together and the Rockin' Tug she almost did by herself. At the last second we got a little concerned that without someone next to her she would be sliding around too much, so the nice carnie let me jump on. When looking at this picture she told me that was the ride she went on with her "friends," because by the time I got on she had already made friends with the boys sitting next to her.
Ian enjoyed the fair from the stroller, most of the time. Occasionally we let him out to walk around a bit, but he is definitely too small to appreciate it like Madeleine did. He was so tired that I would not have been surprised if he slept through the whole thing. But he stayed awake and relatively happy the entire time.


Melanie said...

Yes, that is definitely a look of terror on Maddie's little face! Good for her for bravin' it though!
We have talked about going to the county fair several times and just never make it there. Maybe next year..