Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend, we packed up (nearly everything we own) to go camping with friends and family in Morro Bay. We had two campsites next to each other right on the beach. We wondered what the weather would be like up there on the Central Coast of California, but we were not disappointed. The weather was gorgeous! Sunny and 75-80 the whole time! Colder at night of course, but that's what a campfire is for!

On Sunday, we drove up the coast a little ways and stopped to see the Elephant Seals bathing themselves in the sun.

This is pretty much how Ian looked all weekend. There was no stopping him from eating all the sand and charcoal and wood chips and rocks. Basically, if it was on the ground, he would find it to put it in his mouth. There wasn't any sense in trying to wipe off his sand goatee since it would reappear in moments anyway.

Spencer is proudly posing behind this dutch oven cornbread. It was pretty delicious. He was very proud to be in on the extremely successful dutch oven cooking!

Madeleine and her cousin Avery riding the "horses," as they called them. I think they were shower posts at one time. Notice Madeleine's poses in almost all the pictures of her.

Keaton, Avery and Madeleine splashing around on the beach. Some other beach-goers dug this fun trench. I'm pretty sure the kids invited themselves to play in it.

Another great pose, Maddie.

Where does she get this?

The whole gang: Spencer and Rachel Rands family, Chris and Julie Roberts family, Lin and Melanie Wilde family, and Curtis and Amy Rands family.

Just before we started our drive back home, we stopped for lunch at The Flying Dutchman. Madeleine really liked the "big pirate with the treasure." It looks like he's got his hook right into her head. Don't worry, she escaped unharmed.
Now, time to unpack. Ugh. Anyone want to come help?


Melanie said...

Such a fun trip, and great pictures! Lin has some really cute ones of Ian standing up in the sand. Thanks again for including us.
Too funny, we ended up having lunch at The Flying Dutchman with my parents!

Rachel said...

too bad we missed you guys there! did you also stock up on candy at the candy store next door. we did. not like we needed more candy, but we sure got a lot of salt water taffy. i think that is one of the things you have to do at a beach town.

Laura said...

lucky you guys to get out of the scorching heat. matt and i didn't even want to leave the house on Monday in fear we would melt.

Mme R said...

Oh la la! It seems that you had a radical weekend. I would just love to get a hold of those kids and give them a big hug. I made a blog for my French students this weekend. Thanks for paving the way - it was one of my summer goals. Mme R (my new blog name)