Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hurricane Harbor

This week, Spencer took a day off so we could take the kids to the water park. Such a fun day! I wish I had more pictures, but we locked our camera in the locker all day. Oops! So here's the one we got of us as we left.

Madeleine's favorite part was the wave pool. She also liked swimming in the lazy river and there is a kid area with a bunch of little slides that she had lots of fun playing in. Ian seemed to have a good time wherever we took him. Spencer and I liked the Tornado and the Bamboo Racer.


gay said...

that looks like so much fun!! that's a nice little middle of the week treat... your husband is home and you get to do an outing!

Boss Lady said...

Rachel, you are so cute. so is your family. I'm been a sucky runner. I cannot get my lazy but out of bed. The 10K isn't looking good for me. unless I kick it up soon.