Thursday, March 6, 2008

Big Talker

Ian completely amazes us with how much he speaks. Madeleine was a pretty impressive talker at a young age also, but I think Ian might even be a bit ahead of what she was doing at 16 1/2 months. I have tried a few times to capture him talking but whenever he sees the camera he says, "CHEESE!" You will notice that in this video. Anyway, he loves these Bright Baby books and can identify most of the pictures. His accuracy is usually better than what this clip shows. He was a bit distracted by the missionaries who were over at the time and it was a little past his bedtime too. The funniest thing is his roaring. He makes the best roaring sound. Check it out.


Jen said...

SO CUTE! He is a little talker, WOW! I love those picture books, I think they are amazing! His roar did frighten me though...hee hee! You will have to share some tips with me on things you did so I can make sure and boost my baby's talking! Somehow, I think with the jabberbox of a mom he/she will have that will help quite a bit! HEy there are a couple new posts on my blog, one of which I need your advice on something! On a side note, I liked your hair in the video. It looked super cute!

Rozannah said...

Your little man is super cute!! I can't wait for him and Lorenzo to be friends. Those missionaries were really loud and probably should never have them over again.

Crazy Lady said...

wow. okay i need tips. maybe i need that book ,cause i have anti-talkers.

seriously he sounds like a mccoy 2 year old :)

great roaring.

The Sorensens said...

Wow! I do remember what a great talker Maddie was, and to have a boy talking even better... WOW! He is seriously adorable. Wish we could get him and Ezra together. Ez would love following him around!