Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Here are Maddie and Ian in their little Easter outfits all ready for church. I thought about making a dress for Maddie this year, but after I bought the fabric and pattern I realized that there was no way I had the time to focus on making a dress this week. Especially since I have never done such a thing in my life. I will tackle that project another time. After church we had Easter dinner with most of Spencer's family. We sure missed Holly, Mark and Noah, but we had a really fun time with everyone else! Avery and Madeleine had some crazy moments when they didn't want to share, but played really nicely together for the most part. It's so great to get together with family!

Speaking of which, I am lame and didn't take pictures, but we got see a lot of my family this past week too. Last weekend we hung out with my sister Angela and her family out in Rancho Cucamonga. We are so excited they live out there now! So much closer than North Carolina! My parents and another sister, Erika and her family were there too, visiting from Arizona. Then another sister, Maggie, and her family (also from AZ) stayed with us Thursday and Friday night when they came out here to go to Disneyland. So fun! I love to see everyone and I love for the kids to play with their cousins!

Now, the best news of all is that Spencer and I are getting away this week kid-free! We are going to Cabo San Lucas for 5 days while his parents take the kids to St. George and San Diego. I am hoping to return rejuvenated after a nice break...and with a nice tan too!


gay said...

wow! that is a lot gong on! the kids look adorable. maddie's hair looks like it's getting darker. i'm jealous of your get-away. that ought to be tons of fun!! enjoy!

English Garden said...

Maddie looked super cute, enjoy your trip.

Vudochki said...

Is that a Pumpkin Patch skirt Maddie is wearing? That's one of my favorite kids stores and they don't have that store back east.

Melanie said...

Didn't we just move a couple of months ago? How are Maddie and Ian so grown up already? So darn cute! I love Avery in the Little Mermaid wig too!

Have fun on the big trip!