Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The kids with G & G Rands

Sandi teaches high school French and she and Paul were generous enough to sacrifice her week off for Spring Break to come here and watch Madeleine and Ian while Spencer and I went to Mexico. They took the kids on a bit of a road trip too see some family.First stop was St. George to see Paul's parents, Great-Grandma & Grandpa Rands. It was Grandpa Paul's birthday so they had a little party for him and that meant there were some other kids there to play with as soon as they got there. I'm sure the kids were so happy for that kind of welcome after spending so long in the car on the way there.
The kids played in the back yard and Madeleine found a beautiful bunch of fake flowers.
On Tuesday, they went to this fun spot and Ian got soaked playing in the water. Princess Madeleine might have gotten a little wet but she made sure to strip down first so her clothes could stay dry.
The same day they went to the Visitor's Center at the temple. I love Madeleine's pose, dont you?
They left St. George on Wednesday and headed south to see the San Diego Rands. On Thursday they went to the Wild Animal Park. They started off the day with a tram ride that made all the adults think twice about how much fun the day was really going to be. The kids were all squirmy and grouchy. Madeleine and Avery wanted to sit together but then one of them wouldn't be able to have a window seat and you know how devastating that would be. After the tram they had lunch and played in the water and that seemed to get the kids into much better spirits. Their favorite part of the day was the butterfly exhibit. Can you see the jealousy in Madeleine's face that Curtis is holding the butterfly and not her?

We are so grateful to Paul and Sandi for taking such good care of our kids so we could get away! We know Madeleine and Ian had so much fun they couldn't even think to miss us! Yet I must report that yesterday at Costco Madeleine told me she is SO glad I am home. Ahh, thanks Maddie! Maybe they did miss us a bit after all. Anyway, big, big THANKS to Paul and Sandi! You are the best!


Jen said...

So THAT'S why you had such a rockin' tan at church on Sunday! Looks like everyone had a blast! We probably crossed paths with them at some point in St. George. Madeleine is such a darling little poser! I love the picture of Ian in the water, he's funny!