Monday, April 21, 2008

California Adventure

Ian, Madeleine and I were lucky enough to go to Disney's California Adventure last Monday. For free since my sister, Maggie, and her family got the 2-fer passes when they came out to Disneyland last month even though they knew they couldn't use the second day. Thanks, Stoeckers! Unfortunately, Spencer couldn't come with us since he was very busy that week studying for the GMAT and trying to salvage a deal at work that was about to fall apart. How did I do it by myself with the two kids?, you ask. Thank heavens for my sister, Angela, and her daughter, Sarah, who recently moved to SoCal. They already have annual passes and claimed to be happy to come along. It would not have been anywhere near as fun without them. Madeleine was getting a good view of all the fun she was about to have while waiting for our ride on the Golden Zephyr.
Ian is still a little small for quite a bit of the rides, but he was very good-natured about being in the stroller most of the time. He did love the carousel. Angela took the kids on it once while I went on California Screamin' and we all did it again once I came back from the roller coaster. Evidently, he put his hand in the smiling sea otter's mouth both times.
Madeleine loved almost everything we did! Her favorite was Soaring Over California. It's my fave too. She wasn't too sure about some of the rides. She would say she didn't like them, but when Sarah said she did like them, Madeleine would change her mind and say she wanted to do whatever the ride was again.
A definite highlight was getting to meet Cinderella. To be honest, I didn't even know the princesses came to California Adventure. So, it was a very pleasant surprise that she was there after we finished watching one of the little shows on the back lot. Such a fun day! So glad we were able to go!

As for Spencer, the deal that was about to fall apart seems to be back on track, as of right now. Keep your fingers crossed that there won't be anymore drama with it before it closes! And he took the GMAT this past Saturday and did really well. Now he is busy, busy, busy filling out applications in order to get them in before the deadlines. Most are May 1 but one deadline is April 23. Assuming he gets into one of the schools he applies for (I can't imagine why he wouldn't), life will certainly be different for us come Fall when he is a full time student again. Pretty crazy, but kind of exciting too. Wish us luck!


Angela said...

Sarah was so excited to see these pix-- especially the one with Cinderella! Congrats to Spencer on the GMAT! Say hi to the kids for Sarah. Love, Ang & the Farrsouth gang

Vudochki said...

What a fun adventure you braved! I so wish that California wasn't as big as it is 'cause then I could come see you. We leave for San Jose on friday and will be there for three weeks. I'll keep Spencer in our prayers. What an exciting time for you guys!

Anneli said...

Fun times, looks so much more fun than your last post where you are running uphill for 2 hours :)

sosocalrands said...

I like the look of your new blog background. Very cute. Sounds like you had a great day!

Julie and Carlos said...

Hey guys! We were there just a couple days before you with Carlos' brother and their kids. ! Isn't California great! You know - when you take your kids to California Adventure at least once a month you become a pro kowing where the nearest restroom is - fastest food - shortest lines....etc. You just need more practice at Disney with two kids and no husband; that's all! Come out again soon and we'll work on it!!
Hugs, Julie