Friday, February 29, 2008


What a great couple, don't you think? This is Madeleine's friend Keaton. The two of them helped themselves to the dress-up clothes at another friend's house today. I'm 100% certain that was Madeleine's idea since she was talking about the dress she was going to wear before we even got there. They came out to show off their outfits holding hands. It was so darling! It took a few minutes to round up a camera (thanks, Claire!) so we had to make them pose for this one and I think it is hilarious. Of course when it comes time for Madeleine to go to the real prom I hope she will want her hair out of her face. And I bet Keaton won't want to wear pink high heels.
Ian has pretty much decided that if he can't feed himself he would rather not eat. Much to my dismay, because I really don't want more messes than I already have to deal with. Thankfully, if he is interested enough in eating he doesn't make too big a mess. If I don't take his plate when he tells me, "All gone!" (usually he has eaten only a few bites), then he goes ahead and plays with the food and gets it everywhere. Anyway, he devoured the spaghetti for dinner tonight and, amazingly enough, didn't get any on the floor!


Laura said...

wow, bummer i left early and missed out on these fab prom poses. those pink heels are hilarious - madeleine could definitely hold this picture as ransom when they are older.

English Garden said...

They are so cute!!

Crazy Lady said...

I LOVE THAT PICTURE. Oh my goodness. so funny...especially keaton's shoes!

Julie needs a blog too.

Rozannah said...

I think Madeleine is going for the sexy, messy look.

Anonymous said...

Cute Kids Rachel! :)