Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Spencer!

In honor of Spencer's birthday, here is a list of 10 things I love about him, in no particular order.

1. Even though I complain that I can't get away with giving him frozen burritios or other equally simple meals, I am actually glad that he prefers healthy foods. It helps me make better food choices for our family because he has such a strong opinion in the matter.

2. He has fabulous taste in music and has helped me to discover the love I have for many of my favorites. I once told him that I didn't like Sting because I wasn't into "adult contemporary" music. I was so wrong about Sting. And I tried to not like Ryan Adams for a long, long time, but Spencer persisted. Well, you may have noticed a lot of Ryan Adams on my playlist because I love him so much now! And one of my all-time faves, Dave Matthews Band. I got way more into DMB after Spencer and I started dating. And he is an excellent bass player!

3. He is a gracious loser and puts up with my bad attitude when we play games. One Christmas before we had kids, we stayed here all alone and the power was out for most of the day. We played games for awhile and I got so mad 'cause he totally schooled me in Scrabble. I know if the tables were turned he wouldn't have been happy to be losing, but he wouldn't have gotten upset at all like I did. He doesn't have a winning record but still is up for playing games.

4. He sees past my many flaws and imperfections and truly thinks I am beautiful.

5. His top priority is our family. He is such a wonderful father! He works so hard to provide for our family now and in the future. He loves spending time with the kids and makes the most of the little time he does get with them. Lately he's been teaching Madeleine to recognize double-digit numbers.

6. He genuinely loves my family.

7. He is a real smarty pants. He knows so much about so many things! He is often my link to current events since he will listen to NPR to stay up to date while I am lost in mommy land.

8. If I have been lazy or having a rough time keeping on top of my responsibilities, he will walk over the messes and let me do it later without making an issue of it. Or, more likely, he will help with the cleaning up.

9. He has a super strong testimony of the gospel. His devotion is evident in all aspects of his life and he is a great example of a Christ-like person.

10. He's the best husband in the world.


Crazy Lady said...

Yeah for Spencer! What a great guy. And totally opposite my husband on #1.

Tell thanks for the music lesson for me too, cause i have been introduced to Ryan Adams because of your blog! your playlist is great.

Crazy Lady said...

and holy cow your daughter looks just like him!

Laura said...

great list. and i would say my husband is the opposite in number 1 and number 3. Fantastic school pic. classic.

English Garden said...

OOhh! so cute and sappy I hope Spencer reads it. Eric is opposite on #1 too, he'll eat anything as long as he doesn't have to cook it but if he does you bet it'll be a frozen burrito or pizza!! Loving the Ryan Adams too BTW.

Jen said...

Would he be willing to teach a class to my husband on # 3? hee hee!!! Happy late birthday Spencer!!

Melanie said...

Hooray for Spencer and a happy birthday too!

xcdenke said...

Spence, you are the MAN! This was such a great idea Rachel. Thanks for sharing such great things. We already had some idea of how great he is, now we know there is just no competing with Spence! He's too great!!:)