Monday, February 11, 2008


Today was an errand day. Ian woke up a little earlier than usual and woke Madeleine too. Plus, she had gone to sleep later than normal last night, so I wasn't really surprised that she fell asleep in the car on our way home from Costco. She even slept through the transfer into the stroller (which usually Ian rides in, but since he was awake he walked). Ian also fell asleep soon after we got home so I was able to do some much needed cleaning up. As I was picking up in the living room I found this stash of candy wrappers under the ottoman.
Now it makes even more sense that she totally crashed! I guess the effects of all that candy wore off. How did she get all that candy? Of course I did not just give it to her. While I was showering she helped herself to the candy leftovers from Halloween that we keep in the pantry. Not too long ago, that was a safe place for it, since she couldn't get in there on her own. Not anymore. The child-proof door knob covers are no match for her these days. And the fact that it's on an upper shelf makes no difference either. I might have to put a handle with an actual lock on that door. She can be quite cunning as you'll recall from my posting about her hair. When it comes to candy, however, she is not always so sly. Sometimes she'll say, "Mom, don't you need to go take a shower?" And I know full well she just wants to get rid of me so she can get some sweets. I think we would both benefit from cutting the sugar out of our diets. I just don't know if I am ready to commit to that.


English Garden said...

Aaahhh! its just heaven when both kids nap at the same time.

PS You know who said...

I don't think I have ever seen Madeleine that exhausted! I can't wait to come for a visit. Is it OK if I bring some candy? Grandma's get to do that, don't they!

We love you!

sosocalrands said...

That was a cute story about Madeleine. She is a smart little
girl! We're looking forward to seeing you guys soon! Amy