Saturday, February 2, 2008

You may or may not know this about Madeleine: She is a princess through and through. (Does that make me a queen?) I have mentioned before that she doesn't like to wear pants. I guess she doesn't like to be in civilian attire. You wouldn't believe the drama if I tell her to wear jeans to school. She cries and cries that her friend Hollis will be wearing a skirt so Madeleine needs to also. Some days, one skirt is not enough. She has been known to change her clothes 5 or 6 times in one day. Another aspect of her princess-like personality is that if her clothes get wet or dirty, even the tiniest bit, she MUST change. Her dress-up dresses get lots of use. The sparkly skirt she has on in this picture has become her most recent favorite. There have been a few nights that she insisted on wearing it to bed and I go along with it. You've gotta choose your battles, you know, and at bedtime I am going to go along with most anything that will speed up the process.

Notice the little bit of wave/crimp/curl in her hair. Lately we have been french braiding her hair one day so it can be curly the next day. But she much prefers the braids. One day I was trying to get her to go along with my plan to take the braids out and have curly hair. (One other thing to note is that by this time the braids have been slept on so they aren't looking their best.) This is how the conversation went:

Me: "Maddie, let's take your braids out so you will have beautiful, curly hair."

Maddie: "No, I want to have 3 braids, 'cause I'm 3."

Me: "But if we take them out your hair will be curly like Cyrus's." (her cousin with awesome curls)

Maddie: (thinking for a minute)........."If you say let's leave 'em in, then I will say let's take 'em out."

Me: (thinking, seriously?? is that all it will take??) "Yeah, actually, let's leave the braids in."

Maddie: "OK!" (read with triumph)

She totally got me.


English Garden said...

she is one smart and cute little princess!! Can you even imagine how the teenage years are going to go?!! BTW I am thinking about signing Kate up for ballet, didn't know if you'd be interested for Madeline, let me know and I'll send you the info.

Rachel said...

Claire, I am definitely interested! I think she would love it! Let me know when, how much, etc.

Melanie said...

That is too funny! Oh the joy of little girls!

montanawildflower said...

Rachel - Your family is super cute! Fun to see your blog and yes, that is the PB coffee table from friends. I'm a huge dork too because I bought it -- at least it was a steal of a deal at Down East Home (remember that store?) :)

Jen said...

She DID get you, that's funny! My mom says I used to pull that kind of "mindbending" stuff with her all of the time. By the way, the doggies said to tell her "hello". I love the playlist part on your blog, I want to do something like that on mine! We have very similar music tastes. I love this blogging thing, it is very addictive!

Laura said...

what a sneaky little thing that maddie is.

The Sorensens said...

What a character! Your site looks awesome by the way!!!