Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grandma Vickie

My mom is wonderful! Have I ever mentioned that on here before? She is a great mom period, but I am especially thankful that she came out to help us adjust after Alayna was born. She came to help after we had Madeleine and Ian too and each time her help has been invaluable! It was so nice to be able to go take a nap when I needed to and not have to worry about the cooking and cleaning. We have had lots of homemade waffles the past two weeks--Grandma's specialty! I guess I'll have to perfect my waffle making skills. And by "perfect" I mean acquire since I don't know that I have ever made waffles before (you know, real ones, not eggos).

Looks like Alayna is giving her a bit of a smile, don't you think? Thanks for everything, Mom! We miss you already!


406 Olivia said...


Crazy Lady said...

Somehow I missed you having your baby, but she is DARLING! and i love that hair. your mom is super cute too.

hope you are enjoying texas

Mark & Bek said...

Wow! She is so so so beautiful. I love all her hair.

I have cried both times my mom left. Their help is unbelievable.

Your house is amazing too. Not quite as amazing as Alayna, but close.

Good job guys.