Friday, July 16, 2010

Picture update

Do you remember Madeleine's Easter dress from earlier this year? (refresh your memory here, if you want) I loved her dress when I saw it at Marshalls and I'm sure I would have gotten it anyway, but I thought it was really darling that it came with a matching doll-size dress, pictured here on this teddy bear. But what do you think of it on Alayna?

How precious, right?! Of course it doesn't fit well enough that she could wear it for more than just a few pictures, but I couldn't resist checking to see if she could wear it and match her sister.

Then I decided I might as well put Ian in some coordinating dress clothes to capture these 3 sweet babies of mine. I love Ian's manly pose.

This is what Alayna wore for her pictures in the hospital. She was really loving that pacifier and actually ended up looking pretty mad in all her pictures from this little photo shoot since I had to take the pacifier away before each shot. Oh well, they're still cute. I have had to put her on restriction from her pacifier since she liked it so much. She seemed to be getting a little confused about what to do when it came time to nurse so we're taking a break from the paci. She doesn't seem to mind.


Sowells said...

OH I love her hair!!! Cute little outfits. The first time I matched P and V (Violette was probably 15 months old) Ryan told me never to do it again! What a jerk! ") I think its darling when they match!

AJ, Marian, & Sadie said...

So cute and thank you for sharing the hospital pictures. I love the matching dresses...i would do it all the time if I had two girls. When you start sewing you should make the girls matching dresses.

Here's a link my sister sent me a while ago...she thought they were cute ideas of baby pictures for when aj and i have another one. If you decide to have more pictures taken of the baby you might like these ideas also.


Enjoy your sweet little baby!

The Koernigs

The Sorensens said...

She is such a doll. I love her hair. Congratulations!! So glad you caught pictures of her and Maddie matching.

Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

Wearing the dolly dress... TOO CUTE! And she looks like someone... but I can't decide who. I see something of Maddie there, but Ian, too. No, wait... SHE LOOKS LIKE MOM! A little Vickie replica is what I see. Anyone else see that? She's adorable! Love, Ang

Laura said...

congrats Rachel! she is so darling! and i am glad to hear the delivery went so well. good luck with 3 now!

Dani said...

She is so sweet Rachel. Look at all her hair!

Carlie said...

she is sooo cute. oh my goodness

Julie and Carlos said...

I love that you put her in the little doll dress! and oh my gosh she looks so much like Maddie! What a beautiful little family!!!