Saturday, August 14, 2010


There's not a whole lot of exciting things going on with Alayna. She's a month old now and while she is awake and alert a bit more, she still spends most of each day sleeping.

Madeleine built a wall of pillows around Alayna one day on the couch. There was very little chance of Alayna going anywhere, but Madeleine wanted to be sure her baby sister was extra safe.

And since this is what she does most, here's another picture our little sweetheart sleeping.


Ryan and Melissa said...

So fun! Seems so far away for me! I love the story about Ian and the soap too. Miss you guys!

Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

She is a BEAUTY... I wish I could hold her. I love the smell of little babies (especially the top of their heads). I also like the feel of the sweet little bundles in one's arms. Give her lots of kisses for her Aunt Angela. And a couple for Maddie and Ian, too (or hugs and tickles, if they like those better)!


PS Hugs to you and Spencer, too. 8P

Dani said...

So sweet! I love her hair. It is darling!