Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of 1st Grade, etc.

School started for Madeleine on Monday. She is thrilled with her new school! It's directly across the street from us (behind us). A short and sweet walk there to take her and pick her up. Ian still complains about the long walk, but I think that's mostly because it's quite hot in the afternoon. Anyway, Maddie said her favorite thing so far is her new teacher. Get this: there are 9 first grade classes at her school. Is that crazy or what?? We know quite a few other first graders but they are all in other classes. Not surprising when there are that many classes, right?

Our days at home are much quieter now with Maddie at school all day and next week Ian starts preschool (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) so it will get even quieter. I'm excited for Ian to do preschool. I know he's going to love it! And I won't lie, I'm going to enjoy my time with just Alayna. Look at the chubby cheeks on that girl! She seems to be getting so big! Other people still comment on how tiny she is, but I think she is really getting huge. She's still such a good baby. Last night she only woke up once to eat in the night. Little angel!
Can you tell that Ian's eyes are dilated? We noticed recently that he seems to cross his eyes sometimes and one eye seemed to be kind of lazy so we talked to the doctor about it and she referred us to an opthalmologist. That's where we went today. We've had this appointment set for a few weeks and Ian has really been looking forward to it. He thought the doctor was really nice except for when she put the drops in his eyes to dilate them. She was really great. She agreed that he crosses his eyes sometimes. The reason is that he is very farsighted so at times when he is trying to focus, his eyes cross. Also, his vision in his right eye is a little worse than his left, so that eye gets lazy sometimes. He needs glasses and hopefully that will take care of all of it, but we'll go back in a few months to see how his eyes are doing. He picked out some very handsome glasses so be on the lookout for pictures of him in glasses.


406 Olivia said...

I agree--Alayna is SO big!
Maddie's dress looks a lot like my polka dot dress (a budding fashionista?) and you already know my thoughts on Ian.


Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

Tell Maddie she looked beautiful on her 1st day of school and tell Ian I can't wait to see him in his specs! And Alayna... adorable!

Love to all-- Ang

Julie and Carlos said...

I love Maddie's dress! and 9 classes??? That is crazy! They will have to keep moving teachers up to 2nd and 3rd to keep up with that bubble of kids! Glad to hear you get some time alone with Alayna!

Jami said...

I have been reading your blog. I hope grace doesn do it again...but you never know.
I would love a running buddy, and I would love anywhere but mesa right now. But isn't houston humid? I can't do humidity!! I am starting this killer boot camp at the beginning of September. We will see if I can stand it. I haven't been very diligent in my work outs. Yikes!
Hey did you mom move? Its like one minute they were here and now their gone??? What happened?

Dani said...

Maddi looks so grown up in that picture! And I just love Alayna's hair!