Friday, August 13, 2010

conversation with Ian

Today we were watching tv and I was feeding Alayna when Ian came over. Here's how our exchange went:

Ian: "There's this kind of soap that makes babies sleep better."

Me: knowing what he was referring to (pictured below) "yeah, does it come in a purple bottle?"

Ian: "Um, yeah, it's from S.C. Johnson. They're a family company."

Hmmm, either he has a freakishly good memory or we've been spending a bit too much time in front of the television. He is really smart, but I suspect it's the latter.


Maggie said...

This is EXACTLY what has been going on with Lizzie lately. I was thinking the same as you (that we watch too much TV) but now I'm hopeful that it is just a phase. Anyway, it's funny AND informative...

Vudochki said...

So cute! I love that stuff. I call it my "fussy baby lotion/soap". Mckenzie was a VERY fussy baby and that stuff was a wonderful help!

Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

TOO FUNNY! And it reminded me of Andrew saying (at about the same age) that an old lady in the restroom at Temple Square needed FiberCon. The smarty pants gene must run in the family!


Melissa said...

I am cracking up so much after reading this post!! How funny!!! I love your house and your baby is so adorable. Congratulations on everything!!