Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cute Alayna

Instead of diving right into all the cleaning and laundry that I have to do today, I spent a few minutes playing with the kids and my camera phone, you know, the only camera we have. Here's what I learned: it's really diffiult to get good pictures, but there are some fun settings with the color. I think this black and white one is darling, as is the sweet baby in the johnny jump up.


406 Olivia said...

Darling indeed. And sad how Ian wanted so badly to be in the frame and his mom wouldn't let him.

marymh said...

LOL! That is true about Ian I didn't notice it till 406 Olivia pointed it out! HEHE. I do love that shot. She looks so happy and content. Exactly what every mother wants to see. Perfect.