Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff

I know I have already posted this picture before. That time it was meant for you to see how nicely we were able to hide Madeleine's self-inflicted bad haircut with her hair parted just right. This time, I want you to notice the ottoman just behind her. What you don't see is that, sadly, the leather was beginning to tear and in the months since we took this picture, the tears got really big and embarrassing. Since we didn't have room in our budget to buy something new the rips just got worse and worse. I'll blame it on having a three-baby brain that it took me this long to realize I could just cover it with upholstery fabric and give it new life. Truth be told, I thought of making a slipcover but my friend Nicole helped me to see how much better and easier it would be to just staple the fabric in place. That Nicole is one smart lady!

Here's how it turned out. I must admit, I am in love. It has truly breathed new life into our dreary living room. I've been lamenting how boring our living room is (so plain, and brown and off white). Now, between this and our media console, things are definitley looking up. Plus, for a little while I've been feeling like we had a bit too much leather in here. I mean, really, four pieces in one room is kind of a lot. I will stop my cry-babying now.
Remember this table? Here's the finished product:
Please ignore the folding chairs that are by no means a permanent feature. I actually finished this piece before Christmas but I've been secretly hoping to get my ideal chairs before showcasing the table on my blog. Obviously that hasn't happened. If things go my way, I'll quickly sell my old table and chairs and then buy something more appropriate to go with the new table.
Oh, Alayna! You are so cute! This girl loves the bath. You may have noticed her crying face in the picture of the ottoman. She's actually been crying a lot lately. Is she already old enough for separation anxiety? If sees me, but I'm not holding her, she cries. It's making it hard to get much done. And don't I already have enough excuses of why I'm not getting everything done? Really. Oh, and she gives five now. And crawls. Did I ever mention that? She started that around 6 and 1/2 months. She'll be 8 months old on the 13th.
P.S. I hope you aren't getting too tired of all my furniture projects dominating my blog.


406 Olivia said...

I love all the furniture projects! I was actually getting a bit tired of all the kids dominating your blog. JOKES! Alayna is very cute. Too bad she hates the ottoman, because it's darling! Also, the table turned out really well! I'd like to see close ups, so I can better scrutinize your handiwork.

The Sorensens said...

I too am loving your furniture projects. They both look AMAZING, you've really got some talent girl! And, yes Alayna is adorable. Cutting teeth yet?

Sowells said...

I love redo projects and kids. Great job on your projects. Violette thinks Alayna is cute.

Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

The ottoman and table both look AMAZING, dear girl. Keep up the great work!

Love, Ang