Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update: Madeleine

I'm pretty sure Madeleine and Ian loved the carousel as much as Alayna did.

This little sweetheart sure looks darling in the pink cowgirl hat.

One part at the rodeo they liked best was playing around in all the Fords on display. I must say, they are easy to please. One of her homework assignments this week was to make a list of her top 5 favorite things she did during Spring Break. We didn't do anything terribly exciting, but she had a hard time narrowing it down.

Patiently waiting her turn for the Euro Bobbles. She was doing flips inside her's. It looked pretty fun. Now, are you ready to hear about her cast? Wondering why I haven't mentioned it sooner? Here's the story. On Valentine's Day she hurt her hand doing a handstand at gymnastics. We didn't think too much of it because she seemed to be playing like normal afterward although it was too painful to finish gymnastics that day. The following week at gymnastics it was still hurting so we went to the doctor, got an x-ray, went to an orthopedist who said it was a stress fracture or bone bruise. Although it's not broken it still takes weeks to heal so the orthopedist suggested we put it in a cast so she would be forced to keep it stabilized. She gets it off on April 1st and we are all looking forward to getting rid of the stinky cast.


Maggie said...

such great updates sis! the kids are getting so big & SO stinkin' cute! can't wait until we see you all again. oh, yeah, my kids loved talking to yours on the phone the other day. i gotta say, it was probably the highlight of spring break at our house!

Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

Maddie's beautiful as ever. And at least she's a girl and it's not summer. Zac had our 1st kid cast when he was 2 1/2 in the middle of summer... peeeee-yooo. Hug that growing up too fast girl from her Aunt and tell her Sarah misses her and talks about her ALL THE TIME!!!


xcdenke said...

So fun!! Love the pink cowgirl hat. Adorable!!

The Sorensens said...

Super cute kiddos!

Ranzu Kyodai said...

hate to be a stick in the mud, but since your kids already went on these euro bubbles and survived, here goes:

An article about the danger of these water walking balls someone just sent to me (no, I didn't go digging).



gay said...

i cant believe how big all three of them are, but esp madeleine! she has turned in to a little lady. hope you're liking houston- miss you guys!

Julie and Carlos said...

Those water balloon things look awesome! And another cast for Madeleine? I'm starting to wonder about your Rachael.... JK ;)