Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update: Ian

Ian is a very loving brother. He fights with Madeleine plenty, but he's super sweet to Alayna. Possibly not always as gentle as we would hope, but he loves her to pieces. Here he was trying to help her be still so I could get a better picture.

Have you heard of Euro Bobbles? We let Ian and Madeleine spend 3 minutes "walking on water" at the rodeo. Truthfully I don't think anyone was actually able to walk inside their ball. Our kids sure didn't. But it looked so fun! Ian loved it.

He had to try on a cowboy hat at the rodeo. This kid's so handsome no matter what. He is 100% boy. How is it that boys have this innate ability to make amazing sound effects? And his love for video games is unparalleled.

He's a very good sport. He let Madeleine paint a beard on him one day. One of his latest obsessions is Ben 10. He's constantly asking to watch the show and you'd be lucky to see him without his omnitrix (sp?) on his wrist. Another day Madeleine painted the words "Ben Ten" all over Ian's arms and legs and he told me today she'd made a masterpiece out of him.


406 Olivia said...

Love this! My boys and I were just talking about the sound effects phenomenon the other day...how is it that girls always make the lamest gun sounds, but boys fall from the womb able to distinctly mimic hi caliber hand guns, machine guns, shotguns, etc.?


Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

Ian is so FUNNY ("a masterpiece")!!! And the video game thing sounds VERY familiar. Since he might not want a kiss, give him a high five from me!


xcdenke said...

Boys are SO much work and SO crazy!! He sounds just like K and E. Fitting seeing that they share the same B-day! Hugs!