Monday, August 22, 2011

Meanest mom EVER!

According to Madeleine, that's me.  That little girl has been giving us a heck of time lately and our efforts to crack down and help her to shape up have earned me this new title.  I don't think it's true, but perhaps it is. 

As I have previously indicated, Madeleine is really into dressing up/dressing fancy/looking cute, etc. This is the thought that came to me as I was trying to figure out what I could take away in an attempt to motivate her to be a kinder, sweeter, more obedient child. So a couple weeks ago I cleared out her closet of all items that were not totally plain and told her she had to earn them back by changing her behavior. She also would not be allowed to have her new school clothes if she didn't earn her other clothes back. I hoped she would quickly turn things around, but I guess we have given her reason to believe that more and bigger fits equal getting what she wants. Well, we are determined to not give in to that anymore (I thought we already weren't giving in). And so we in the midst of an epic battle of the wills. 

She had to start second grade in old clothes.  I did let her carry her new book bag and her new lunchbox.  Maybe I shouldn't have, I'm not sure.  
And I let her decide on her hairstyle.  I don't think the "meanest mom ever" would do that!  I am happy to report that she actually had a fabulous day!  Especially compared to how our days have been going around here, it was like a 9 out of 10!  Can you sense my happiness and relief?!  If she can keep this new attitude up for a couple more days I'll have to have another "first" day of school post for her so we can showcase one of her new outfits.  She's been really excited about it.  Wish us luck!  I might get that title revoked soon enough. :)


Sylvia said...

I've always thought that title was given to the mom who was doing the best job. Dang, it is hard to tow the line but you go girl. That is what mom's do! Stay happy and firm.

PS You know who said...

Way to go! Madeleine would look like a million even in her old clothes but we won't tell her yet.
Her hair was sensational. I hope she gives you a big hug for that.

Maggie said...

i think that is the most ingenious plan EVER sis! you stick with it & i'm sure it will yield the results you're looking for in not time.
maddie's hair looks amazing & i really don't think "the meanest mom ever" would've given her such cute hair for the first day of school!
love you guys TONS!

Crazy Lady said...

love the hair! i need more ideas, i suck in that area.

its ok you are in good company. the best moms are mean moms right?

Ashley said...

I love that you didn't give in...sounds like she will be wearing her new clothes soon! I LOVE her cute bag :)

The Sorensens said...

Creative parenting! I like it! Can't wait to see her "real" back to school outfits. :o)