Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quote of the Year

Background: Ian is a fabulous kid who doesn't complain about much, but he regularly gives us grief about going to church on Sunday.  We've told him that in our family it's non-negotiable and we will do it every week no matter what, but still he complains.  The other thing that must be pointed out is that he is fascinated with the computer.  This took place one Sunday on our way to church.  Are you ready for it?

Ian: "Mom, why do we have to go to church?"

Me: "Because we need to go and learn more about Jesus."

Ian: "Can't we just do that on the computer?"

Me: "Where do you think we would go on the computer to do that?"

Ian: "I don't know...maybe"

Did you check the link?  After this conversation we had to check and we were pleasantly surprised to see that it took us to  Pretty cool, in my opinion.  And I know that it's only August and a better quote could come along, but this one is staying strong for now and I just had to share.

P.S. I cannot wait for Madeleine to start school tomorrow!


Maggie said...

i don't know HOW ian could come up with a better one than that. he is so hilarious.
and if you are counting on school being the trick to having less fighting all i can say is, i hope it works at your house.
anyway, love the update. so cute! love you & miss you tons!

Sylvia said...

Ian! What a gift!! That is so funny...and awesome that it links to! Woot to the techie-genius at Church HQ who figured that one out!!! It will be fabulous to watch Ian grow up and see what he does with his genius!! Watch out world!!

Your family photo is adorable!! I'm glad I didn't miss it with my head in my google reader!!

{Sorry, I've really abused the exclamation point here...happy you are coordinating nursery efforts for our ward...Woot to you!}

Mark & Bek said...

Wow, that is awesome