Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ian!

Has a whole year gone by already?! Browsing through pictures from when Ian was born, it really doesn't seem like that long ago. But our little man is a big 1 year old now. He is walking everywhere. That is, everywhere except where I want him to go. He's quite a babbler too. A few of his words are pretty clear, like 'mommy' and 'da da' and 'ba' (which is ball), but he does a whole bunch of babbling with real feeling. I know he is trying to say something important. One of these days it will all become clear.
We haven't had any cake and ice cream yet because we were in Las Vegas for the BYU-UNLV football game. I'll post more pics soon after he has a chance to feed himself his birthday cake. I know it's lame that he didn't get to have a party on his actual b-day, but we got to go to M&M World on the strip. So what if Madeleine is the one who picked out all the candy and Ian only got to have part of one M&M?

He also went to his first BYU football game. He loved being in the stadium surrounded by all the crazy fans. Even though he didn't realize it was his birthday, I think he had a very happy day. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Ian Stuart Rands! We love you and we are so happy to have you in our family!


gay said...

cute little man! he really is such a stud!

Melanie said...

How has it been a whole year already?! What a cute boy!

I love being greeted by really good music when I get to your blog, by the way. It's always a fun surprise to see what song will pop up.

Mme R said...

I hope you took pics of the kids in their BYU shirts!

Mme R

The Sorensens said...

What a mess! So cute. Maddie is adorable too. We've been loving being able to see you guys lately. Makes me miss the old days!

Ailleurs said...

Cute little family and lovely pictures.
Merci beaucoup
Vos amis fran├žais de Lorraine