Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas week

Grandpa Paul and Grandma Sandi drove all the way here from Wilsonville, Oregon to spend Christmas with us and Spencer's brothers who are also in Southern California. We are the furthest north so we were lucky enough to get them for two whole days before we got together with everyone else in Palm Springs on Christmas Eve. They brought some fun books for the kids and Madeleine and Ian just loved sitting with Grandpa reading.
Grandma is the best at keeping the kids entertained! If she wasn't having Madeleine help her make cookies, she might have been playing the piano and singing. Or she could have been reading to them or playing some other games. And on top of that she would put the kids to bed and get them dressed and bathed and help me with laundry and dishes. What a wonderful guest to have around! You can visit anytime! We all love having you here!
Here's Ian Christmas morning. He didn't care too much about any of the presents he got. He would have been perfectly happy if that delicious candy cane was the only thing in his stocking.
Anytime Madeleine was asked what she wanted from Santa for Christmas, the answer was the same. " Lots of princesses." And that is what Santa brought. She was so cute when she opened it. She exclaimed, "Oh! How did he know?!"
Like I said in my last post, we had a lot of fun hanging out in Palm Springs with our family. The kids had an especially great time! They even got to go swimming one day. I just love to see them play together! I have some cousins that I was really close with growing up and I hope that Madeleine and Avery will be too.


Crazy Lady said...

your hubby looks like his mom! seriously, that is a wonderful grandma. okay, turns out I know someone from my home town who knows them...go check my blog for the connection. small world.

PS You know who said...

What a wonderful Christmas we had being with your darling family. I only wish we were closer so I could play with my grandchildren more often...a give their hardworking parents a little respite - parenting is a 24/7 job, right?!

Laura said...

can those grandparents come visit me too?