Wednesday, December 12, 2007

these silly kids of our's....

Ian likes to jump in his crib and will do it when we promt him by saying, "Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!" in a voice that is annoying to anyone but a baby. While we were trying to capture it on video Madeleine came in to show off her lovely singing voice. She does a great "Jingle Bells" twice.

If you watched the whole thing (sorry if it was a little long) you saw how Ian was shaking his head back and forth with incredible speed. You may have even noticed my comment about how tired he was that he probably couldn't even see straight. Do your children do this when they are extremely tired? Another thing I have seen him do is hit himself in the face to stay awake. It's kind of funny and kind of sad at the same time.

When does the change occur in us when we decide we would rather let ourselves sleep than do crazy things to stay awake? I guess there is probably still a little of that in most people. Imagine if you were driving and beginning to nod off. You obviously can't let yourself sleep at the wheel so you start hitting yourself in the face or other assorted insane activities to keep yourself conscious. I think I might like to see a video like that.


LaNana said...

I love reading your blog, hearing your favorite songs, and seeing pictures and videos of you and Spencer and your adorable children. Just pick things up when the kids go to bed. Don't really clean everything regularily except maybe bathrooms. Well, you have to clean up the kitchen,too. It is important to keep those areas germ free - ha ha. Do spot cleaning rather than try to have everything clean at once. Like I have spray bottles around and when the phone rings, I clean spots on the wall nearby, wipe off the phone, the cupboards, the stove top and I can even sweep the floor when I am talking on the phone. Yeah I have a long cord. It is insane but that is how I get my cleaning done. It is impossible to really clean until your kids all leave home. I tried it once. Once they leave you only clean when they are going to come visit you. Just spend plenty of time with the kids - that is what you and they will remember. (Easy to say and hard to do.)