Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Almost there!

Do you love that song from The Princess and the Frog as much as I do? Truthfully I love some of the other songs from that movie even more, but that one's good. I was so pleased to find that on the 3 for $20 table at Blockbuster yesterday. But that is not the true subject of this post.

We closed on our house on Tuesday (yay!!) but our movers were booked until July 1st, so tomorrow is the big day! To be honest, the closing was a bit anti-climactic since we had to go back to our dumpy temporary apartment. I imagine it will all feel much more real tomorrow when our house is full of boxes of our stuff and we get to sleep there for the first time.

So where are all the pictures I've been promising?? I have a good excuse on that one. I need a card reader to upload them to the good laptop and amidst the move we don't know exactly where our card reader is. The rest of the bad news is that we will be without an internet connection at our house for about a week so we will all just have to hold our horses! But I gotta say, I cannot wait for you all to see it! I love, love, love our house and I am thrilled with how beautifully it turned out! I truly don't mean to boast. I would love this house no matter who it belonged to and it still almost doesn't seem real that it's ours!

Anyway, I'm hoping for a really good night of rest tonight because tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Stay tuned for pics!


Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

So cool, sis! Can't wait to see more pix. And hang in there on the baby watch, too. I'm really glad Mom will be able to come help out. (I hear waffles on are her list of to-dos while there.) Love to Spencer & the kids-


The Checketts Family said...

congrats sis! love you, Erika

bekah said...

Wow, l am so excited to see your house. It looks pretty amazing from what you have posted. I am even more excited to see your baby. Good luck with the move and labor. Hopefully the one doesn't put you into the other.