Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ballet Recital 2010

This is the note Madeleine wrote to remind us of her ballet recital. I love her spelling. And I love that she put May secinte (second) even though it was actually on the 15th. She's hilarious.

Here's our beautiful little dancer! I'm pretty confidant that her favorite things about her recital are wearing make up and the fancy costumes. I don't think I ever posted about her losing her two front teeth, but you can see her permanent teeth front and center. I can't believe how fast she is growing up! This is her teacher Miss Melendie. She has been wonderful! We've loved having Madeleine at her little studio and we're not expecting to find quite the same thing in Texas. Madeleine is very eager to try gymnastics though so we may not have to worry about comparing one dance studio to another. I guess time will tell.

I wanted to post a video from that night but it wouldn't upload. Check back in case I can get it to work later. It's very cute!


The Sorensens said...

Wow! She does look beautiful. Ava dropped dance for gymnastics a few months ago and loves it so much. I think for now we are definitely a gymnastics family. We'll see as she gets older.

406 Olivia said...

Save that note! It's so funny!

Maggie said...

I just noticed how Maddie looks SO much like you! WOW, she is so gorgeous!